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February 24, 2010

Censorship as White Empowerment

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Free speech, the right to express ones opinion in public as well as the right to listen or to read different opinions is a basic democratic and human right.

Reading different opinions and points of view are necessary to be able to develop critical thinking skills as well as comprehending different points of view. Reading different opinions is also necessary to learn that oneself is not the center of the universe.

The US is known as the country with allegedly free speech. I call this “First Amendment” the “Right to insult” because nowhere else my right of free speech is so often violated like on “liberal” or ” white anti-racist” American message boards, blogs etc. but also nowhere else Americans can offend and discriminate so freely without being moderated, as long as they are ‘on the side’ of the moderator.

‘Liberal’ white blogs etc. are the perfect example of subtle and often unnoticed discrimination, where the moderaters abuse their power to empower white supremacy and silence “counter-racism”.
And this what happens on the internet only reflects what happens in real life. Moderators who are also teachers or academics in real life do have the power to silence those who do not necessarily always agree. This is the way how white supremacy is kept alive, mostly only those in line with white supremacy will be successful.

Those who preach “tolerance” and “human rights” are very often quite quick to violate the rights of others when it is about protecting their image they are trying to keep up in a society where image is more important than true being and success does not come with honesty.
And while those who preach about justice accept and reinforce discrimination by their way of moderating – letting racist, biased or direct attacks of certain readers who are ‘on their side’ go public – the counter voices are silenced by them, means, are not published.

Some or many of these people are teachers, educators or in other social occupations and voluntary work. Discriminating against people with a different opinion. And the problem is that many people don’t seem to be able to realize this subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) abuse of power.
And on internet, nobody can stop them.
Their way of moderating will sooner or later lead to a uniform blog with yeah-sayers or “it’s great what you write” with readers only exposed to one point of view, because everybody else will finally stop posting on such a blog, where there is a great chance of being censored.
It’s just annoying that people can distort what one writes but then you don’t have a chance to answer because your posts won’t be published.
They will only be published if you *kiss the moderators ass* by only writing what s/he wants to read or where s/he can play educator (can feel superior).
Translate this into real life and you know how power can be abused to impose a certain way of thinking and to try to force people to adapt to a certain concept and in the worst case finally giving up ones own identity.

Lies have to be protected and fractured lives of people without backbone have to use censorship as poor tool to hide their weakness.
Therefore being censored on white anti-racist messageboards etc. can be a compliment, nothing tells somebody more honestly that one just hit the nail and that the truth hurts deeply. Nonetheless it’s not only annoying but highly disturbing that those allegedly fighting for justice are those most afraid of free speech and unwilling to respect human rights.
Of course they refuse to listen, they refuse to learn, and some earn money with their arrogance and white power and the double-speek of whiteness. They come in the camouflage of ‘friend’…

For example, over at Racismreview somebody wrote to me:

I don’t consider JWBE’s observations some kind of gospel truth. In the social sciences, truth is dependent on whose and which perspective you’re speaking from. It’s not an exact science like physics or a math equation.
For example, her belief that people choose to be benevolent or evil at a “very early age”. Really? It’s that simple huh? So, life experiences don’t count? By 5 years old, we either side with Satan or the Archangel Gabriel? Well, that’s an interesting philosophy.
Next, people should do “What’s Right” despite what other people think of them. Sounds simple, but then again what constitutes “right” in the minds of some people does not constitute “right” in the minds of others.
I find JWBE so judgmental of humanity in general it borders on psychosis. She has such vitreolic hatred for so many people, I don’t believe this is healthy. Why should I take this brutish aggression seriously?
The point is JW is brutal, but her clarity of vision is up for debate. She brutally believes the white race is inherently flawed, some kind of demons sent to Earth to be “dismantled”. You don’t think that sounds a little neurotic?
What I hear is, “No von is goot enuf to be me! This blog tells the tale! Whites pretending to understand! They understand nothing, NOTHING!” Sorry, but I don’t find this RATIONAL. She speaks about the concept of “othering”. The only “other” person JWBE seems to truly listen to, or have any love for is JWBE. She appears to be blinded by her own fury. People sense a little over-the-edge psychosis here, and maybe that’s why her comments are shaded.
All human beings are a mixture of good and some “bad guy” stuff thrown in. None of us are unflawed folks. If we can make more good connections on this planet than negative ones, that’s about the best we can do.

It’s “great” to know, that those on Racismreview agree with that, because I have no chance to get a comment through. It’s telling that I am not allowed to respond to the distorted nonsense by this person.


February 8, 2010

Hey Stranger, Gotta Match?

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Hey Stranger, Gotta Match? New York Attorney/Activist/Mother Needs Bone Marrow Transplant

by Molly Secours


Less than one week ago, I recognized that ingenuousness in the face of Jennifer Jones Austin, a highly accomplished and compassionate New York City attorney, wife, and mother of two who has spent the last 20 years advocating for disenfranchised children and families.

Although her life biography is filled with achievements and accolades, as of four months ago, 41 year old Austin faces the harsh reality that a diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) requires a bone marrow transplant.

In short, unless a donor steps forward in the next several months, Jennifer’s chances of survival greatly diminish.

Because a transplant may only occur between parties matching genetic tissue, it requires a donor who is of African descent. Unfortunately, since this group is dramatically underrepresented within national and international bone marrow registries, Jennifer’s challenge is magnified.

In spite of massive support and numerous bone marrow drives organized in the New York City area, none have succeeded in producing a match.


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