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June 17, 2009

What does it need to change white people?

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Germany lost the war. Defeated and with plans of the allied powers to make an agrarian state out of Germany which never again should have the power to rise up again. German women helped rebuilding bombed cities, women tried during the war to survive and to protect their children, with their fathers, husbands and brothers absent as soldiers in an insane war and many of them never came back.

The memories of war ingrained in the brains and souls of the children, and the bombs that didn’t explode back then are still found today on German soil. Still with the power to explode, and sometimes, in these days of absence of war in Germany people are evacuated because of a bomb found.

Germans know what blind obedience can lead to, they know the insanity of dreaming of a pure Aryan race, they know the suffering, the death and ruins coming out of it.

And despite of all of this, the root has survived. The subtle and sometimes not so subtle belief that the white race is the only one deserving and the only race with the right of having access to all resources.

When even a war with millions of dead people can’t change people’s attitudes, why do some/many believe today, that education could do this? Why do we even believe that oppression is a lack of knowledge? Why can’t we just admit what it is – the inability to share resources and the greed to want it all.

And why can’t we admit that we, all humans, are as it seems, the only species on planet earth that finds pleasure in the pain of others.

Why do we believe that ‘diversity training’ and ‘knowing each other’ could change the dynamics of oppression, when our own family structures show dynamics of oppression and when ‘knowing each other’ is no hindrance to people to abuse and to kill each other.

Germans who should know that one can’t trust each other, that in a system of dictationship there is no friend, that those who looked like you could have been your worst enemy and still, whites trust the concept of ‘race solidarity’, when in reality during white history such a concept never truly existed. Whites never had a problem to enslave each other, to destroy each other, to work their own children to death and to invent a white ‘other’ when the system found it necessary.

And still whites are able to believe the lies about the imagined non-white enemy while supporting their own destructive white members. Finding excuses over excuses why racist violent incident number 10,254 is just an individual act, while one violent act committed by a Person of Color is considered like a declaration of war.

The children of WWII grew up in the ruins of Germany their parents and grand parents were responsible for and still they are looking to excuse their parent’s actions and to blame ‘the other’. They are still able to consider them, white Germans, as humans while considering People of Color as less than human. It is the desire to oppress as it seems, finding pleasure in the pain of others, combined with the power to put into practice even the sickest idea and combined with a collective emotional stupidity and egoism which prevents any real social behavior.

Finding excuses for their own racist oppressive actions or thoughts, inventing the excuse of being ‘ignorant’ when in reality they lack the backbone to admit that they see nothing wrong in the oppression of other people.

Germans didn’t learn. Despite the own ruined lives, despite paying reparations and dealing with this part of history quite honestly. So what is it that we still ‘need’ racism to justify our existence? Why do we still believe old ancient lies about the other and also about us? Why do we, the Western world in general, still believe that we are the most progressive, the civilized, the good ones?

What in the white brain is it which enables a group to be in a state of collective amnesia and illusion and to be in an equal state of denial regardless if this is in the US, in Britain, Germany, South Africa or Australia and probably all other Western nations?
And what or why have there nonetheless always been, despite time in history, despite education and nurture, whites who were different, attempting to fight against the status quo?

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