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April 18, 2009


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In Germany there are sometimes headlines “Multiculturalism failed”, a coded phrase for “foreigners don’t integrate”.
When whites are anti-racist or pro multiculturalism most of them still consider themselves and their culture/way of life at the center, absorbing, “integrating” other culturs, where only the “cool” aspects are accepted. The not so hidden message is that most assume that so-called minorities just want to be accepted by the so-called majority.

And when white American anti-racists call for an end of white supremacy I am not so sure if they always truly think about what it means, that this is not just about ending racism within the US, but also ending world dominance.
With many white anti-racists one gets the impression that it is just about happily shaking hands together in “racial harmony” with a culture and way of life still “white” and with whites as the basic decision makers where “minorities” would have equal possibilities to participate in white(centered) rule.
Even with some sort of protection or recognition, like some “minorities” in Germany, the Sorbs for example, there is a constant and realistic threat of cultural annihilation and therefore the possibility of silent extermination of a people by influences from outside their group by mainstream culture.
In many or most cases historically discriminated “minorities” neither have the political nor the economic power to truly have an impact in mainstream politics and to get the necessary voice to live self-determination.
Regardless what one might think about Israel politics, Jews had the chance to leave Germany and didn’t have to integrate into a society which wanted to exterminate them.
This burden was placed on African Americans after slavery, a people was expected to integrate and to still accept white majority rule and dominance and oppression, which continues up to today.

Expected integration into the perpetrators group, can this truly work? On a psychological level as well as a human level? But also many white anti-racists expect exactly this. Ethnocide in the name of “tolerance”?


April 11, 2009

I’m White And I’m A Racist. All Whites Are Racist But Don’t Call Me Racist

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That’s basically what’s been communicated several times over with statements like this:

“Nquest, in our white supremacist society, white people are TRAINED to be racists.

I’ve been working for a long time now against that training, but I’m still a racist.”

That was a statement Macon made a while ago when I questioned a claim he made about how Black/POC regard Whites. Part of the title of this post obviously paraphrases Macon’s statement. The other part of the title (“but don’t call me racist”) also paraphrases something Macon basically said sometime ago that was discussed here on SWPS in the “You’re trying to make me out to be a racist” thread.

Nevertheless, the reason why I’m writing this now is because of a more recent statement:

“…yes, I do get defensive, probably because I’ve been trained to react that way in discussions about race, but also because, as you noted, some commenters seem more interested in catching instances of my racism and in minor details than in the main issues and points raised in various posts.”

That was a statement Macon made on January 19, 2009. My name came up in that thread even though I wasn’t around and since Macon has specifically claimed that I “come across” as someone who tries to “characterize [him] as a racist”, I think it’s time to set the record straight and finally get someone explain the problem with pointing out Macon’s or anybody else’s “instances of racism.”


April 6, 2009

‘Why looking into the mirror?’

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Somebody white asked this question:
“How would “studying” my own (presumably) white people and culture help me see those as particularly white behaviors?”

Europeans have ‘studied’ the entire world and parts of the universe and have ‘explored’ and ‘discovered’, but they have a hard time studying themselves and European culture in a constructive and honest manner. Whereever Europeans went, this what in some or many history books is still up to today called discovery and exploring was in reality nothing else than the aggressive conquer of nations and continents. Today the West is doing it with the hidden agenda of bringing “peace and democracy”, no longer blatantly talking about the assumed inferiority of non-European people and cultures. What Europeans can’t accomplish via violence and war they will accomplish with the imposing of European culture and enforcing Western values to the rest of the world using media and also trade and expanding its markets.

Many whites like to reduce racism to a “dislike” of others which can be “trained away” with diversity trainings, workshops and learning political correctness, a personal attitude rather than the domination of the entire world, a naivity which perfectly reflects Eurocentrism.
Racism isn’t just about “not liking”, the goal and the result of racism is the advantage for a certain group (whites/Europeans), not only within one nation but globally. Racism as the tool to have unlimited access to resources available within one nation and also globally, the ‘First World’ and the ‘Third World’, ‘developed’ and ‘underdeveloped’, where the ‘developed’ nations consider it as their right to dominate ‘underdeveloped’, codeword for inferior, nations.

The function of racism is global white supremacy, securing access to all resources and to destroy any possible competition. Imposing European culture on People of Color includes colonizing the victims mind, which also lessens the possibility of revolution against white oppression.
Europe was able to establish its colonies in nations rich of natural resources or fertile land, important for the European industrialization and European wealth and also after independence of African nations from colonial rule market restrictions and most of ‘development’ aid etc. helps to keep the industrialized world in the dominant position.

The division created by racism between people of different races also helps to divide people of the same race. Doing this a European culture is a fractured society without solidarity. The rich make the rules and dominate the entire society, in different ways.
The European mind-set is the mind-set of an inmature child which is unable to comprehend the society in which it is in and which is unable to think outside the Eurocentric way of life.

Racism is considered as something ‘natural’, is considered as something which affects People of Color who need white help. White anti-racism, often approached in a way of wanting to ‘help’ People of Color to assimilate into a Eurocentric society, because the European mind-set considers itself as already being there, at the center, developed, progressive and the norm of civilization.
The European mind-set, which is far more occupied than whites want to know, the alleged freedom whites believe they have about their lifes and choices only displays, how conform they are within a Eurocentric society and don’t think that Eurocentrism itself has fundamental flaws that cannot be reformed.

Eurocentrism turns the reality into a fiction, the fiction that the world would need us whites, that the world is just waiting for our help and alleged civilization, that we are admired and advanced and those in the position to tell the world how life must be. Whites as a collective don’t want to look into the abyss we have created with our history and culture.
The lack of self-reflection, fixated on the visible out-side, typical for European culture which lacks the depth of life and emotions necessary to feel out-raged enough to get over some weird feelings of guilt or the fear to be considered a racist or person non grata. An illusional world falls apart when people can look through the mask many whites want to show to others, a life they don’t live, the masquerade of an adapted role in society, which is as fragile as the white self.

There should be white outrage. Also what we are supposed to live. The mental restrictions this imposes to white life, the emptiness of white life which would be demanded by society and societal norms, a life of making money to ‘be somebody’, to be valued, to be accepted, the emptiness of such a life to act like a clone who has to pray to the religion of capitalism and hypocrisy and to be silent whenever there would be a dissident and critical voice necessary. The emptiness of such a life where the own self-esteem can only exist with looking down on others.

The learnt helplessness they consider to be universal, ‘things won’t change’, ‘what can an individual do’, used as an excuse to do nothing but staying in the white comfort zone. The looking for answers or rules what to do, the belief, that “we must change the world” and that our actions have to have an immediate visible impact or are otherwise of no worth. Or turning towards socially accepted “good work” which never truly threatens white supremacy and its institutions but gives whites a new tool to be good in Eurocentric terms.
White anti-racism which believes that equality means becoming ‘European’, equality not being understood as the equal right for all people of self-determination.

A system where whites rather fight to keep also their own exploitation intact, lulled into the blind acceptance of ‘with hard work one can make it’ and the illusion of freedom. The advantage of being white, a ‘member of the club’, regardless how excluded certain white groups within this system may be. The illusion of being better and at least not one of ‘them’, Black people in the color construct of white supremacy considered to be at the bottom with a controlling system in place, via police, laws (drug laws for example) and incarceration, which also helps to control main-stream. The main-stream, which can so easily be manipulated that once Germans considered Hitler as their savior or mostly white Americans supported Bush in a war, where many even have forgotten why America invaded Iraq, the lie they were told and believed and not knowing why America is in Afghanistan. The white whining didn’t come because of the brutality of the illegal war but because it became clear that America won’t win this war, that it took longer than the illusion of a Blitzkrieg, cheap and easy without the loss of Western life.
The West which masks today’s wars as peacekeeping actions and protection of democracy, hiding the true interests which is access to natural resources as well as weakening the stability and solidarity of nations which are not pro-Western.

White supremacy cannot be combatted on a national level. Internet offers the unique possibility to join political message boards of different countries and then it becomes quite clear, that the European mind-set is the same whereever you go. The stability of Eurocentrism, almost immune against the influence of other cultures is the true challenge in combatting white supremacy and racism.

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