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November 15, 2008

Macon D: “the common scholarly understanding that white people don’t commonly perceive… “white” culture:

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(This is the first and, unfortunately, not the last in what I’ll dub the “STOP THE BS” series.)

In a previous thread, I did some MYTH BUSTING.  Our friend (and yours) Macon, responded to scholarship challenging the notion that Whites don’t believe there is something as “white culture” by saying the following:

“So I see that in your vainglorious bout of “myth-busting” here, you hold up once again that one study that you claimed months ago disproves the common scholarly understanding that white people don’t commonly perceive a detailed, embraceable, common “white” culture.”

Emphasis on: “common scholarly understanding”

Okay, I’ll play. Macon, be my guest and produce several examples/excerpts from the scholarship that talks about white people’s perceptions and whether they perceive such a thing as the existence of what could be called “white culture.”  Fuck the ig’nant bs in your loaded terms:  detailed, embraceable, etc.

All you do is cement the fact that this is a charade when you use terms like “embraceable.”  The idea that something isn’t embraceable (or detailed) verifies that it exists.  Trying to be cute, you wanted to direct my attention to what you conveniently thought was a parallel debate in the Black community (convenient because you thought that would help your helpless argument).  You wanted to say that the existence of something called “Black/African-American” culture was a “contested idea.”  Beyond calling bs on you pathetic attempt to make a point, let me make one using African-American culture.

A number of people who talk about Black/African-America culture talk about things they see that are wrong with Black culture.  You know, the negative aspects from the supposed disproportionate anti-intellectualism (“acting white”) in Black culture to the “culture of poverty” or “politics of grievance.”  Each one of those things are deemed to be things that aren’t “embraceable” yet they still get classified as aspects of Black culture.

Now, take someone like John McWhorter.  No doubt, he espouses each one of those views about Black culture while at the same time arguing that there is no monolithic Black culture, no one way to be Black, this and that because, for one, he wants to make sure he’s included in it.

So this idea that a culture has to be “embraceable” for it to exists or for claims that “white culture” doesn’t exists because whatever is perceived to be “white culture” isn’t “embraceable” is pure nonsense.  Whether a culture is “good” or “bad”, complex or simple says nothing in terms of its non-existence.  Indeed, by definition, modifying terms such as “detailed” and “embraceable” and even “common” by their very nature testify to the existence of the thing they are used to modify.

I will give you extra brownie points for trying your best to use the “common” (or some form of it) in your sentence like McCain/Palin used “Joe The Plumber.”  Great argument!!!  The more you use the word “common” the stronger your argument gets.

Oh but on the “one study” thing, it’s clear you purposely ignored the references to the ways Whites do, in fact, perceive that they have a “white culture” that they want to preserve.  That are you’re just that incompetent.

The can be no “State of Emergency” without Whites having the idea that there is a “white culture” they have and share and want to keep.  There can be no conflating American with “white” if Whites don’t believe there is such a thing as “white culture.”

There can be no situation in which Whites view themselves as “real” Americans if there is no such thing (no White perception of such a thing)  as “white culture.”  There can be no such thing as a 68 count list of Euphemisms for Naming White Folk (names for groups of white folks, even certain CULTURES of White folk) if there was no perception or existence of such a thing as White culture.

So, as I say, “my logic is flawless” and you sound foolish to act like all I got is “one article” or “one study.”  But, go ahead, cite the scholarly research that establishes the idea that Whites don’t perceive such a thing as “white culture.”  And, no, a reference to your thread about Whites struggling to “define what it means to be white” doesn’t qualify as support because, at best, you’re referring to a response to THE WRONG QUESTION.

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