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October 13, 2008

“You are the epitome of what is wrong with black people.”

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[[[ Housekeeping note:  Restructure and JWBE, please allow comments from TheNYdouche. ]]]

If you missed it, a blogger named *thenydouche* posted a couple of his thoughts here in a transparent attempt to promote his blog.  The title should tell you why.   Full disclosure: Douche’s comments were deleted for what should be obvious reasons.  Most of them can be reposted, if necessary, but that’s irrelevant to the point I want to make here.

Long and short, Douche basically dared me to post on his blog.  So I did.  Only he didn’t like it and, now, after he accepted my comments without moderation… Well, I’m back in review mode.  lol

The funny thing about that, though, is what happened prior to the change in moderation.  In a thread dubbed “The Wake Up Call” where Douche speaks reflectively of how society changed on and supposedly left White men behind or put them in a disadvantaged position vis-a-vis women and minorities:

Most white men in New York City (and most of America for that matter) go about their daily modus operandi without the slightest thought as to how their lives are in a fluid state, changing before their very eyes. They continue on in their doldrums, paying no mind to the persevering flux that bends and twists the world in which they live. Through apathy, ignorance or nonfeasance they allow these subtle changes to slowly take shape. They should realize what is happening, but through the distractions of entertainment, erudition, family and finances they never even see the paradigm shift…

And then, one day, there is the awakening.

White men suddenly realize that as they enjoyed the fruits of what they had worked so hard to achieve the proletariat had bastardized all that was right with their world. They no longer had the ability to speak and act freely in a public setting. They no longer were granted the same opportunities they were afforded for so long…

You got to admire those creative writing skills even if he used a Santoku knife for a pen.  Oh, I forgot to mention the name of his blog:  “The Indignant White Male.”   Cool subtitle too.  (lol)

Anyway… Douche apparently didn’t like how I behaved in an exchange with a poster named Dennis who, as you might guess, shares his “angry white male” perspective.  That was cool.  It’s easy for me to understand and accept that.  The problem, however, came when Douche tried to predictably use the supposed “respectful” discussion manners of another Black poster against me.  I’m thinking he was trying to say that since I just couldn’t be as respectful as the other Black poster, he was forced to automatically moderate my comments or not post any additional comments from me at all.

Now, to be honest, I really don’t give a f*ck but I don’t take to bullsh*t too well.  You see, the Black poster (Ronald T. Jones) he contrasted me to was the very person whom he (Douche) directed the “You are the epitome of what is wrong with Black people” comment to.  Matter of fact, Ronald T. Jones and I made similar observations.  We both saw Douche’s curious idea that white men were no longer “granted the same opportunities they were afforded for so long” as some type of “resentment” (Jones’ term, not mine) over white men no longer having automatic dibs on all/best jobs in society and no longer exercising “absolute” power to influence outcomes in society.  Here’s how Jones put it:

I think the basis of your resentment lies in a deep seated notion of hierarchy in this country. You want white males on top and everyone else at the bottom. The fact is this society, since the signing of the Civil Rights bill, has become more equitable, that people other than white males are advancing into positions once monopolized by the latter. This unsettles you. So you should admit your belief in white male supremacy. Admit that you would be more comfortable in a setting much akin to the Jim Crow years…

Douche’s response started off with a “thank you for posting but I disagree” tone that suddenly shifted gears.  Douche charged Jones with being ” the epitome of what is wrong with black people” in the midst of trying to establish why he felt the “incumbent” white males were being “surpassed”, ironically, by special “interests group.”

Enough of that, let’s get to Douche’s reaction to the much more respectful Ronald T. Jones:

You are the epitome of what is wrong with black people. Blacks can freely go about saying that they are oppressed and kept down, even though many prominent blacks have said those days are over. Yet, the minute that someone says they feel a certain way, you immediately discount them as a white supremacist or racist. The fact that I have an opinion that many people who are not racists share is unsettling to you. You say that I would prefer a world where Jim Crow laws were enacted. That is offensive to me. All I want is for everything to be equal; not separate but equal…

So while I do appreciate that you read and comment, do yourself a favor and don’t stoop to the go-to reaction of most black men and say that because I have an opinion that you don’t like, that I am a racist.

Wow!!!  I like the way he feels someone who “offended” him can be reborn, fire-baptized and deemed “respectful” in a moments notice. Now, to Douche’s statement regarding how “disrespectful” I was (Douche addressed his comments to Dennis):

The part that is really sad, though, is the fact that Nquest cannot stand the fact that someone could possibly disagree with him from up on his high horse. The nerve we have. Yes, Nquest. You do hate America and what it stands for because we have the freedom to have differing opinions. You can’t use your anger and hate to intimidate people who disagree with you to shift sides to your argument. I feel sorry for you because you cannot even admit the possibility that anything that opposes you way of thinking could have any level of legitimacy. I wish that when you mature a little you will see that your way is not the only way to think and that just because people disagree with you, doesn’t make them horrendous human beings. A black man like Ronald T. Jones who comments here can disagree with me, but has his head on straight enough to respect differing opinions. The real foul one is the one who reeks of intolerance and rejection.

I know I didn’t miss a thing.  Douche was having his MLK moment as he let those talking points ring, from every village and every hamlet.  Let TALKING POINTS ring re: every Black poster who… well, every Black poster who says something “offensive” to Douche just because he has an opinion they don’t like.  lol

Now, the person who came up with that line of dumb-fense really needed his ass kicked for all the pain and shame every unsuspecting user have experienced as a result of conflating their “right” to their opinion as a right not to have their opinion scrutinized and, when warranted, ostracized.  Which is just what I’m going to do now… 

I really liked this one:   “The fact that I have an opinion that many people who are not racists share is unsettling to you.” They just don’t get any better than that.


PS:  I guess that’s just the “asshole” (Gypsy Rose’s term) because I don’t take bs very well.


PS II:  I would be remiss if I didn’t take note of the 2nd most telling statement Douche made by way of the following rhetorical question posed to Ronald T. Jones:

How can there be any level of equality when one group is surpassing the incumbents?


  1. “How can there be any level of equality when one group is surpassing the incumbents?” -TheNYdouche

    Whaaaat?! Ok…well…I guess he’s trying to say that for equality to exist, a group can only reach parity with the incumbent, rather than surpassing it…

    Unless my thinking is flawed, I can see how that would make sense. The premise being that one group is, in fact, reaching parity backed up by the fact that a few prominent blacks said so…
    That logic is beyond retarded.

    I’d really love to see something a little more substantial than that.

    Comment by Pyro — October 13, 2008 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  2. And how is it that so many white people instantly become experts when it comes to telling POC what their problem is?

    Comment by Pyro — October 13, 2008 @ 11:49 am | Reply

  3. how is it that so many white people instantly become experts when it comes to telling POC what their problem is?

    It’s their White birthright, didn’t you know? Whiteness has it’s privileges and telling POC what their problem is, that’s Privilege & Priority #1. And, remember, “the fact that [Whites] have an opinion that many people [of color have] who are not racists share is unsettling to you.” Now that logic is like the presidential candidate – McAncient. lol

    Re: “How can there be any level of equality when one group is surpassing the incumbents?”

    Only makes sense if we have clear, group-wide evidence of that happening. To be clear, Douche didn’t say prominent African-Americans (notice he didn’t say credible ones) agreed with his “surpassing the incumbents” notion but he did claim that they (whoever they are) could vouch for what was a non-sequitur on his part claiming, because he just had to get that talking point, that “the days of Blacks being oppressed and kept down are over.” But, actually, it’s clear that Douche essentially conflates the two.

    By all appearances, the notion that Blacks are no longer oppressed equates to them surpassing Whites by the power vested in the besieged white [male] worldview that the gains Blacks and women made by achieving “equal”, civil rights came at the white male’s expense which hits on another birthright issue and the consequence of poor math skills.

    Another aspect of this poorly developed argument is evident by the very idea that White people like Douche fancy themselves as selfless “experts” on the problems with Black people, e.g. Two words: incredible dissonance.

    Now, to be honest, I can’t tell whether Douche ever really meant to say Black people are “surpassing the incuments” (a statement that just screams of an entitlement mentality). He just made a vague, general statement, an analogy I guess, that “one group” was “surpassing” another which, perhaps, was never intended to be taken literally in a numerical sense. But since he talked generally about “minorities” advancing while white men “are now excluded, passed over and even have become the less desirable candidates for jobs, promotions, seats at universities and government positions”, it’s reasonably safe to say he included Blacks/African-Americans in his “surpassing” theory which just happens to suffer from critical, terminal contradictions. Exhibit #1:

    Yes, I do feel that many blacks do feel a sense of entitlement. They feel when things go sour for them they have the go-to stock response: ‘It’s because I’m black…’ No. It’s not because you are black. It’s because you are lazy, unmotivated, uneducated and generally a drain on society. Get off the couch, get a resume together, pound the pavement and get the the job yourself. No one is going to knock down your door while you malinger in your apartment. No one is going to apply for the scholarship for you. If I were black and felt that I was discriminated against, it would only serve to motivate me further to snub my nose at those that sought to disenfranchise me.

    It’s hard to square the Douche-math which suggests that “one group” (Blacks/African-Americans) are “surpassing” the “incumbent” white males when that addition — be it the presence of “prominent” African-Americans in visible positions of significance in society or whatever — is met with the “drain on society” subtraction.

    Simply put, Blacks can’t be “one group” that is “surpassing” his beloved, “incumbent” white [male] group while at the same time being “one group” that is “holding themselves down.” That’s what he suggested in a deleted comment along with the standard idea that America’s racist past, even the recent racist past of Jim Crow/Civil Rights Era, shouldn’t be used as an “excuse for young minorities who are struggling today.”

    Struggling while surpassing??

    Come-the-fuck-on. I don’t why people insult their own intelligence by not monitoring the bs they say out of one side of their mouth to make sure it doesn’t kick the shit out of the stuff they say out the other side. I call those kind of logical contradictions self-hatred…

    Comment by Nquest — October 13, 2008 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

  4. thenydouche writes on his blog:

    While they allowed the minorities and women of society to rise up, protest and amend society, white men sat back and allowed, even aided, in the transformation. 
    The people who fought for civil and women’s rights wanted equality not superiority

    I think that some/many white men have serious problems with the fact that women are no longer dependend on them as it was just a few centuries ago. Earlier in history women didn’t have the possibility to act in a political way or to take certain jobs, also living unmarried was very difficult. The white man as protector as well as provider for the family and being therefore in the more powerful position, this time is over. “Typical” gender-roles are no longer valid, many of these “typical” gender-roles was/is just male-dominance. My place is not in the kitchen and my job is not to wash the dirty underwear of somebody else.
    The white man’s world of superiority is falling, they are no longer important just because they are white men and their words are no longer valid just because they are men. They have to show substance behind their actions and words and this is something some seem to struggle with

    Comment by jwbe — October 13, 2008 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

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