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September 29, 2008

“Who decides who is mad”

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There are many untold issues within white society and also among white ‘anti-racists’ when it comes to the system of white supremacy and why it remains so powerful.
White supremacy has many ways to dominate and has many different ways to remain in control, to keep this system alive and to make sure or try to make sure that dissidents are silenced.

It grants or promises benefits to those who are conform. It benefits from a worldview where hypocrisy is more valued than true being. A society, where money is more important than human life. A society where children are considered to be noisy or disturbing when they play, stubborn when they don’t do all what adults want them to do. A society where old people have to live in nursery homes because their families ‘don’t have the time’ or the patience or whatever.
Conformists of the system work as effective control-system, be it the neighbor, schools or physicians, to name only a few.

Macon said:

“Regarding your brief description of your own past, I must say, you are incredible! To think that a person could somehow resist, right from the start, all of that which I’ve just said I’m still trying to wake up to. Your description of your past reminds me of a friend of mine, who used to swear that he clearly remembers his own birth. Both descriptions of such preternatural childhood abilities seem incredible to me, but then, stranger things have probably happened, somewhere.”

Declaring somebody ‘insane’, directly or indirectly, to get rid of somebody is part of European tradition:

[…] written between 1840 and 1945 by women confined in asylums are a testament to human endurance. In the patriarchal society of 19th-and early 20th-century America, it was easy to get women out of the way by having them declared “insane.”
Women of the Asylum

People are locked up in asylums who are totally sane. Disfranchisement, human rights violations, confining, 24 hours surveillance in the name of “help” which is in reality in many cases just another way to keep this system alive. Those in power make the definitions.

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