Stuff White People Say

September 28, 2008

“Get over it”

“Get over it”

Also a sentiment of white people who don’t want to deal with their own history. Telling Black people in America to “get over it” or telling Jews in Germany “to get over it”.

Only one example of “it”:

African American Holocaust
(graphic pictures)

And yes, I also know some white people who will say that they “can’t watch such pictures”. But for real people this was and still is in different ways their reality they have to cope with. The shooting of Sean Bell or the possible execution of Troy Davis, to name only two.
And while white people tell PoC to get over it they celebrate Columbus Day, July 4 and there is no voice like “don’t dwell in the past”.

We whites shouldn’t get over it and we should face the crimes against humanity we are able to commit as a collective. Denial won’t help us to escape our own reality, it won’t break the silence many of us whites feel so comfortable with.
Many whites want to escape responsibility by calling whites back in history as a “product of the time” and that slavery was legal.
Would you as a white feel comfortable living among other whites who are able to have a “party”, taking “souvenirs”, pictures for postcards, and those people weren’t “real racists” and all members of the Klan. Ordinary people. This is what white supremacy makes out of ordinary people. A killing mob, capable of committing crimes with a coldness and brutality which goes beyond the lost of empathy or whatever some white people may claim.
Running away from this white reality won’t give white people the necessary tools to resist “peer-pressure” or to speak up when it is “uncomfortable” for white people.
White privileged people sometimes ask why I do this to me or that this would be “self-hate”. But this, watching pictures and movies with honest documentary was the way we were taught about the Holocaust at school, at least at the time I was at school.
It was not just “Jews” who were murdered but human beings and the same is true when it comes to any other people who came ‘into contact’ with us Europeans. Understanding and dealing with white history also includes not to lose the ability to cry. Not “only” for all the victims but also for us.
And those who want to be “allies” to PoC and want to “help”, I think, we are the ones who need help to find our humanity as a collective. The end of white supremacy is the only ‘help’ we can offer other people.


  1. In parts of Maine, the Holocaust is still going on…

    It’s hard to “Get over it” when you are driven out of your home.

    Comment by flatlander5 — September 28, 2008 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

  2. Really great post, jwbe.

    @flatlander5: What’s happening in Maine?

    Comment by Restructure! — September 29, 2008 @ 12:39 pm | Reply

  3. @Restructure, thank you
    For me it is important to have the space like this blog to talk about racism or European history without white denial or rejection or excuses.

    Comment by jwbe — September 29, 2008 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  4. […] What I didn’t expect, was that not only Margaret Wente, who makes a living off of being an edgy bigot, argued that Dick Pound was right, but a bunch of other journalists and publications defended Pound and told Natives to get over it. […]

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