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September 23, 2008

“Why Should I Have To Explain [White Privilege]…”

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FULL TITLE: “Why Should I Have To Explain Something [White Privilege] That’s So Obvious…”

Hmmm…  I was just going to draw a contrast that really had nothing to do with me, per se, or anything to do with what I do but, now that I think about it, as a POC (and I’m sure Restructure can attest to this herself), I explain, discuss, debate, argue, shout and scream about all kinds of stuff that’s obvious as hell to me when it comes to issues related to race and racism.  Matter of fact, I’ve explained why, when and where White Privilege exists specifically when its existence was denied.  Which brings me back to the contrast I wanted to draw.

Here’s a statement from SWPD:

MACON D:  “It seemed to me that he was being incredibly obstinate, especially since the existence of white privilege seems so obvious to me, and since the concept’s acceptance as a reality is so widespread beyond just me.”

Obviously some context is missing but what’s not missing is the noted attitude against having to explain things that should be “obvious.”  The contrast is easily seen.


SEPTEMBER 18, 2008:   Explaining White Privilege (Or, Your Defense Mechanism is Showing)

Simply put, I’m sure the concept of White Privilege is as plain as day for anti-racist author Tim Wise but he explains and explains and explains the concept and, perhaps, a variety of contexts.  Deniers be damned.

As a POC, that’s exactly what the history has been:  “how dare you deny the reality I see, feel and live.”

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