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September 29, 2008

“Who decides who is mad”

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There are many untold issues within white society and also among white ‘anti-racists’ when it comes to the system of white supremacy and why it remains so powerful.
White supremacy has many ways to dominate and has many different ways to remain in control, to keep this system alive and to make sure or try to make sure that dissidents are silenced.

It grants or promises benefits to those who are conform. It benefits from a worldview where hypocrisy is more valued than true being. A society, where money is more important than human life. A society where children are considered to be noisy or disturbing when they play, stubborn when they don’t do all what adults want them to do. A society where old people have to live in nursery homes because their families ‘don’t have the time’ or the patience or whatever.
Conformists of the system work as effective control-system, be it the neighbor, schools or physicians, to name only a few.

Macon said:

“Regarding your brief description of your own past, I must say, you are incredible! To think that a person could somehow resist, right from the start, all of that which I’ve just said I’m still trying to wake up to. Your description of your past reminds me of a friend of mine, who used to swear that he clearly remembers his own birth. Both descriptions of such preternatural childhood abilities seem incredible to me, but then, stranger things have probably happened, somewhere.”

Declaring somebody ‘insane’, directly or indirectly, to get rid of somebody is part of European tradition:

[…] written between 1840 and 1945 by women confined in asylums are a testament to human endurance. In the patriarchal society of 19th-and early 20th-century America, it was easy to get women out of the way by having them declared “insane.”
Women of the Asylum

People are locked up in asylums who are totally sane. Disfranchisement, human rights violations, confining, 24 hours surveillance in the name of “help” which is in reality in many cases just another way to keep this system alive. Those in power make the definitions.

September 28, 2008

“Get over it”

“Get over it”

Also a sentiment of white people who don’t want to deal with their own history. Telling Black people in America to “get over it” or telling Jews in Germany “to get over it”.

Only one example of “it”:

African American Holocaust
(graphic pictures)

And yes, I also know some white people who will say that they “can’t watch such pictures”. But for real people this was and still is in different ways their reality they have to cope with. The shooting of Sean Bell or the possible execution of Troy Davis, to name only two.
And while white people tell PoC to get over it they celebrate Columbus Day, July 4 and there is no voice like “don’t dwell in the past”.

We whites shouldn’t get over it and we should face the crimes against humanity we are able to commit as a collective. Denial won’t help us to escape our own reality, it won’t break the silence many of us whites feel so comfortable with.
Many whites want to escape responsibility by calling whites back in history as a “product of the time” and that slavery was legal.
Would you as a white feel comfortable living among other whites who are able to have a “party”, taking “souvenirs”, pictures for postcards, and those people weren’t “real racists” and all members of the Klan. Ordinary people. This is what white supremacy makes out of ordinary people. A killing mob, capable of committing crimes with a coldness and brutality which goes beyond the lost of empathy or whatever some white people may claim.
Running away from this white reality won’t give white people the necessary tools to resist “peer-pressure” or to speak up when it is “uncomfortable” for white people.
White privileged people sometimes ask why I do this to me or that this would be “self-hate”. But this, watching pictures and movies with honest documentary was the way we were taught about the Holocaust at school, at least at the time I was at school.
It was not just “Jews” who were murdered but human beings and the same is true when it comes to any other people who came ‘into contact’ with us Europeans. Understanding and dealing with white history also includes not to lose the ability to cry. Not “only” for all the victims but also for us.
And those who want to be “allies” to PoC and want to “help”, I think, we are the ones who need help to find our humanity as a collective. The end of white supremacy is the only ‘help’ we can offer other people.

September 26, 2008

“Blacks in America should be thankful”

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“The decendents of the slaves in America are generally far better off that the decendants of those who were not brought to America. Blacks in America should be thankful for their own personal sake that their ancestors were brought over here.”

A sentiment I think many white people have, regardless in America or Europe.
The media as well as organizations which want to ‘help’ are doing a good job in keeping many stereotypes alive about Africa and Black people worldwide.
Africa the continent, portrayed as a single mess with people starving, living in huts and living next to wild animals. Africa, full of corruption, incompetent leaders and civil wars, dependend on our white help, because they just don’t get it. Whatever this “it” may be.

Wars within African nations are commented with words like bloody, bestial, showing Black people with machetes and white people are truly able to find ‘African wars’ more brutal or uncivilicized and backward. I asked somebody white German, who stated exactly this, what he thinks that is civilized with European wars and where he can discover the civilized and not so brutal part in the German holocaust. I never got an answer. Up to now no white could tell me what was civilized with dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Our white wars are defined by who wins. Germany is considered among other European nations as the “most evil” nation ever, after WWII there were plans to turn Germany into an agrarian state so that Germany will never again be able to start a war. Just imagine it would have been Germany which dropped the atomic bombs and not the superpower USA.
American violence can be easily rugged under the carpet and those coming under attack and are exploited by America can be thankful for it. Like Iraq today.

Those who have the power make the definitions and define the double-standards by which ‘the world’ is judged and those in power can forget their own history. But the wealth of America today isn’t white people’s success, Lincoln didn’t act out of humanitarian reasons and the Civil War wasn’t fought to end slavery.

In the end, that America today is at least on paper something like a democracy, this wasn’t a white idea, but a political decision because of the Black pressure from within and some sort of pressure from outside. A nation which wanted to be the great liberator of Europe to free Europe of Nationalism, with Jim Crow still at home.
But that things may be better today in America doesn’t mean that they are good and that there may be a harder life somewhere else doesn’t mean that life at home isn’t hard.
Distorting reality to find a way to cope with white history as a white – this can only those people do who are on the privileged side of history and never had to live the negative consequences of their oppression. Only such people can create illusions that their victims have to be thankful.

September 23, 2008

“Why Should I Have To Explain [White Privilege]…”

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FULL TITLE: “Why Should I Have To Explain Something [White Privilege] That’s So Obvious…”

Hmmm…  I was just going to draw a contrast that really had nothing to do with me, per se, or anything to do with what I do but, now that I think about it, as a POC (and I’m sure Restructure can attest to this herself), I explain, discuss, debate, argue, shout and scream about all kinds of stuff that’s obvious as hell to me when it comes to issues related to race and racism.  Matter of fact, I’ve explained why, when and where White Privilege exists specifically when its existence was denied.  Which brings me back to the contrast I wanted to draw.

Here’s a statement from SWPD:

MACON D:  “It seemed to me that he was being incredibly obstinate, especially since the existence of white privilege seems so obvious to me, and since the concept’s acceptance as a reality is so widespread beyond just me.”

Obviously some context is missing but what’s not missing is the noted attitude against having to explain things that should be “obvious.”  The contrast is easily seen.


SEPTEMBER 18, 2008:   Explaining White Privilege (Or, Your Defense Mechanism is Showing)

Simply put, I’m sure the concept of White Privilege is as plain as day for anti-racist author Tim Wise but he explains and explains and explains the concept and, perhaps, a variety of contexts.  Deniers be damned.

As a POC, that’s exactly what the history has been:  “how dare you deny the reality I see, feel and live.”

“Congratulations for getting over your disgust/disdain of blacks and Latinos!”

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[Suzie] lives in a “mixed” neighborhood, with a population that she says is comprised in more or less equal parts of Latinos, African Americans, and whites.
Now, Susie, Bill, Kyle and I grew up in a Midwestern white suburb. That means that our talk didn’t indicate this overtly the connection we felt between non-white people and pollution. But we did feel it, and I could still see it on Bill’s face when he talked about Susie’s “safety,” and I can still hear it in Kyle’s descriptions of “those people.” I also plan to call Susie sometime soon and congratulate her for getting over such feelings, and to ask her how she did it. 

by Macon D from associate non-white people with pollution at Stuff White People Do.

When white people view non-whites with something other than disgust and disdain, Macon D congratulates them for their heroic act. Maybe Macon D should throw a party for Suzie to celebrate her saintliness as a white person.

September 20, 2008

“All Whites are racist…”

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While I’m sure that at some point I could identify something different types of White people say/do that would loosely fit into the “racist” category, I think some people get out of hand when they use this as an explanation for everything (or too many things).

To be clear, the idea that “all Whites are racist” is a racial prejudice.  Of course, the idea rest on the concept that Whites, e.g., are socialized in a way that makes them all “racist” — i.e. people who possess some amount/level of racial prejudice, discomfort, animosity or anxiety about non-whites.  What makes asserting this idea (“all Whites are racist”) a racial prejudice is when a person just assumes any and every individual White is predictably, automatically racist without evidence that they are.

Me, I’m all for viewing people as innocent until proven guilty.  I’m also for ending the practice where people take an idea like the notion that “all Whites are racist” and bastardize it by using it in a way that was never intended.

Also, the assumption that all Whites need to be treated, a position the University of Delaware took, besides not being greeted with cheers, is frankly rather presumptuous.  I won’t even mention the nature of the treatment or the treatees…

“POC keep hijacking our threads…”

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Funny how that works…  It’s been my experienced that whenever POC express their views in strong, unapologetic terms in interracial discussions where disagreements occur, it’s the POC and anyone who agree with them who are labeled the trouble-makers (there’s a long history of that) and people who “hijack” threads.  Nevermind the times when clearly racist Whites say all manner of things to attack the POC no matter what the conversation is about: it’s always the POC who is out of place and out of order.

That aside, I’ve never understood this concept no matter where it has been raised. I’ll never be able to understand how anyone can “hijack” a conversation.  It all sounds like people who aren’t willing to accept responsibility either for their own actions for willingly participating in the “hijack” or for what is being explored in the “hijack.”

Speaking of what is being explored…  Let’s see if I have this right.  The term “hi(gh)jack” refers to taking something (over) by force and diverting its path.  Another definition indicates that hijacking is arbitrary which, in terms of on-line discussions, suggest that the hijacker is attempting to use something off-topic to divert people’s attention away from the topic.

But what happens when someone is accused of hijacking a thread and their comments are focused on the topic — the underlying assumptions used to formulate the thesis in the topic?  What do you call the allegations when its not hijacking, in any meaningful sense of the word, that the person is complaining about?

Also, what gives someone the power to hijack a thread?  Is it the “force” of their arguments? What is it?

In these interracial discussions we have, why is it that it’s always the POC who are labeled as those hijacking threads?

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