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August 18, 2008

“Other people do the same”

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When talking with other white people about white supremacy, racism and European history, quite often they say: “Other people do the same”.

Do they? Do other cultures have the ambition like Europeans to dominate the entire world?
In Germany, there is the (unanswered) question: “Why”? (was Hitler and Nazi-Germany possible).
And one part of the answer for me is: Because Germany still ignores another genocide, committed in the name of Germany, against the Herero and Nama people in Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century, which only happend about 30 years before the rise of Hitler. There is a collective silence about this part of German history, not only within Germany but also from the rest of the world besides Africa. The attitude behind this silence is an ingrained lack of the acknowledgment that all human beings on earth are human beings.
There is a ‘racist knowledge’ within Eurocentrism, which is passed on from one generation to the next and this ‘racist knowledge’ take Europeans with them, regardless where they go.

And for example, whites in South Africa are the minority, 9 % of the population. This didn’t hinder them to introduce apartheid. In which nation did or does a non-white minority systematically discriminate against a majority based on race via laws like whites did in South Africa?
Is there any history of whites as a collective integrating into an already existing non-white culture? I don’t know of any.
What must happen in the brain/soul/heart of a white person to think that torture and murder is something like entertainment, like lynching was in the USA, where whites were invited, participated in great numbers, taking “souvenirs” and pictures and how can such people still call themselves civilized and sane?
Why do white people/people of European descent react in such same ways wherever they settle? Fenced communities, Sundown Towns in the USA, Nationalbefreite Zonen (white Germans only towns) in Germany etc. What is it that Europeans seem to be unable to live in peace with other people who don’t look like them, and if they look like them, like Jews in Germany, why was the invention of “race” so powerful that this enabled a nation to commit a genocide?
And when “the world” says we all have to know the German Holocaust so that it can never happen again – why is there such a silence when the Western world is just doing the same again: Inventing the “Muslim race”?
And why are white people feeling so comfortable within such a system when their own history tells them, that at any given day Eurocentrism can invent a new “race”? Why do they believe that this can’t also be directed against themselves one day? And using something like the Star of David, so that people are able to identify the outcast “other”?
Is this really something what other cultures also do?


  1. You postulate that racist knowledge is handed down generationally which creates the potential for a genocidal event. You refer to a collective silence as if to imply complicity between white nations. As much as I’d love to debate the details of the former assertion, maybe the latter– Well, I find myself much more concerned with their relevance at all. Hatred is a tool used by those with power to motivate those without. The collective knowledge of “us” and “them” passed through absolutely every major cultural perspective is what allows us to subjugate others for our own gain with a guilt free conscience. Ultimately, racism is irrelevant on a personal level as a rational man can clearly see there is no foundation in reality. Therefore, anyone appearing to have racist inclinations does not do so through critical thought, but rather by external manipulation. Racism is a means to control not just PoC, but also PoFC (People of Fair Color.) Ultimately, if the world’s population possessed the exact same skin color the Hand that Guides would find another variance and seek to create division through it. The “us” vs “them” mentality is the sickness, and racism is merely one symptom. If the goal is equality among humans, then seemingly just ideas like Affirmative Action merely represent a band-aid on the symptom of a symptom of the real sickness. A man raised in the culture of us/them is offended by the success of his rival, and driven to surpass him. It’s not skin color that is the basis for this competition. A man who can only see through his own eyes is naturally predisposed towards us/them. Obviously, no quick solution here. Society must slowly embrace every man for his shared struggle in the effort to propagate mankind through time. The biological imperative.

    Then again, a seriously catalyzing event of external circumstances, or better yet entities, could bring global unity within reach in our lifetimes. Yes, that’s correct. I proffer aggressive, militant extraterrestrial life-forms as the fastest solution to global unity, albeit less effective. You can pretty much guarantee that in the event a flying saucer wreaks havoc through D.C. a la Michael Bay, our now petty differences will take an immediate back seat. Paradigm shift from “Black vs. White vs. Red vs. Brown vs— it would become “Earth vs. Invaders”.

    I appreciate the opportunity to exercise my brain a little. I really like this blog, and I’ll recommend it to friends.

    Comment by Kell — September 23, 2008 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  2. I think the response to an extraterrestrial life would be the usual response: Violence and war, not unity.
    There is a good book, “The Swarm”, were the threat to human life on earth comes out of the ocean, another form of intelligent life. The usual response of “destroying the enemy” doesn’t work, only some sort of peaceful compromise prevented the other intelligent form to destroy the human race.
    As long as human beings believe that violence is an appropriate answer I think that the nuclear power created will be the last thing one nation will do. Life will continue, but not human life.
    Like racism violence and war doesn’t make sense on a rational level. But humans aren’t rational.

    Comment by jwbe — September 23, 2008 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  3. […] Victims of, in this case, being seen as the “only” people who commit hate crimes when other people do it too — a fact that they often ignore when making hyperbolic statements like the one that serves as […]

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