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July 20, 2008

“I’m rejecting the comment you submitted for publication approval”

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“[Nquest, I’m rejecting the comment you submitted for publication approval–I see no reason to let you try to pick a fight again.]”

Censorship for the protection of whiteness, a quite popular way to restrict free critical speech.

White people don’t have problems to talk about race. They do it frequently: They talk against Al Sharpton, against Affirmative Action and so on.
But they don’t want to be challenged. They want to talk about race their own way, no, this way isn’t ‘calm or rational’, but racist or condenscending.

People who don’t just listen to this but challenge this are unwanted.

Challenged people in denial get defensive when they are called out or when their contradictions are highlighted.

First there are warnings. Attempts to confine the critic. The critic is called the ‘aggressor’ or is blamed to start a fight, or to disrupt, to be a troll or whatever they feel free to call you.

Then comes the censorship of posts [see above]

and finally on message boards “You are banned”.

And no, if anybody wonders, this is not because of style. It’s because of what’s being said and this is what they don’t want to hear.

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  1. Macon censored my post even though it was ON TOPIC. In ask for suggestions, RedCatBiker must have felt both challenged and put down because I stipulated to “basic sociology” which says there are a number of influences on people.

    RCB stated “Barack Obama is culturally white American.” After I noted that Obama would beg to differ from RCB, besides suggesting that my 3 sentence response was probably me attempting to say I’m “smarter” than RCB (lol), I responded with the following links to support what I said and to address RCB’s request for information:

    1. 60 Minutes transcript of interview where Obama identifying as Black/Af-Am
    2. A book review which mentions the “socializing influences” which include “family, school, peer groups, and mass media”

    (It should be noted that a person’s post-high school, early adult years are “formative years.” RCB’s comments suggested that the “formative years” had to do when Obama was being raised by his (white) mother, etc.)

    I also added that Obama made a passionate speech in Selma, AL where he talked about his African father and grandfather. I also noted how Obama, at least until recently, has attended a unmistakably, culturally Black church.

    So, oddly, those comments where what Macon decided to refuse to post under the false pretense that I was trying to “pick a fight.” In full disclosure, I did post the simple words, “How ironic” on Macon’s latest thread (“insist on occupying center-stage”) while quoting part of something he quoted in his post which I also posted here.

    Comment by nquest2xl — July 20, 2008 @ 2:46 am | Reply

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